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Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows

A single hung window is similar to the double hung window except the top pane of glass does not move down like the double hung window. Only the bottom pane of glass is moveable.

Single hung and Double hung windows are very similar to each other, except for one big difference. On single hung windows, the top sash is fixed in place and does not move or tilt in, but the bottom is operable. The sashes on a double hung window also tilt in for quick cleaning.

Single-hung windows provides air flow control only by the degree of space provided between the lower panel and the bottom frame. In the single hung window, the bottom sash moves upward to open and will allow air flow. Since it opens up and closes down without protuding. Either way because the sash don’t open outwards single-hung windows are a very good alternative for rooms facing walks, porches or verandas.

The single hung window, also known as a sash window, is easy to slide up and the typical preference for modern house building or construction. Most common type of window installed in U.S. home. Can be a DIY job with a little assistance from someone in lifting the window in place.

Single-hung windows are a popular choice for one principal reason: price. They are cheaper than double-hung windows; in fact, according to Sven Kramer of Stanek Windows by Great Day Improvements, LLC, single-hung windows can cost 10-20% less than their double-hung rival.

Advantages Of Single Hung Windows

The advantages of single hung windows are much like those of double hung windows. Advantages include increased energy savings for the homeowner, particularly when replacing old, single pane windows. Vinyl isn’t a truly conductive material, so less air enters or escapes, keeping the home at a more even temperature thus eliminating or at least reducing drafts. The lower sash seals to the frame when closed. This is accomplished using high quality weather stripping, normally closed cell foam. One more advantage is the cost. They are the most affordable type of window, but you don’t have to trade efficiency for cost.

There are many advantages provided by single hung windows that are beneficial to house and small business owners alike. Some of the remarkable benefits are:

Energy efficiency single hung windows have only one movable sash, so there’s less chance for air infiltration as the window ages.

Cons Of Single Hung Windows

There are merely a few disadvantages of single hung windows. One is that only the bottom sash opens, as opposed to double hung where both sashes open. This minimal sash opening can reduce ventilation a little. The other disadvantage is the fact that just the bottom sash tilts in for cleaning, which means you will still need to clean the top pane on the outside of the home.

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