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Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows

A double hung window is described as a window that has two sashes that slide up or down over the other one. You’re able to open one sash at a time, or open both simultaneously but the maximum open space that you can have is half the total size of the window.

Double hung windows are getting to be ever more popular. You’re able to get them in vinyl, wood or metal frames and they’re simple to replace and clean.

The difference between double hung and single hung windows is pretty simple. A double hung window is able to operate from either the top or bottom section of glass, while a single hung window is only able to operate from the bottom segment. This might seem like a tiny thing, but if you have ever attempted to clean up the outside of your windows you’ll see the significance in this. Double hung windows are somewhat more expensive than single hung windows, nevertheless they offer amenities that single do not.

Double hung windows offer the unique cleaning benefit of being able to clean the windows in the interior of the dwelling. You can rotate the windows in and clean both sides of both the upper and lower degrees of the window. You could also consider to have an entire screen or a half screen, and the screen can be mounted on the inside or beyond the window.

Ventilation and Safety

Double hung windows offer you the opportunity to open only the top portion of the window. This can be great to help the cross ventilation in the house and to decrease your energy consumption. One thing that you could do is to open the top and the underparts of the the window at the same time. Another benefit of double hung windows is the safety factor. You can have the windows open all day and not need to worry about little ones pushing on the screen and falling out of the windows. Single hung windows will not give you this feature.

Construction of Double Hung Windows

As mentioned, double hung windows could be made out of different sources. This allows them to be used in new fitting as well as for replacement windows. Double hung windows are aesthetically pleasing and might be properly used on most all styles of houses. Double hung windows are assembled with a couple layers of glass. This, together with the gas that is placed in between the pieces of glass is what helps to keep the windows at peak energy efficiency.

Double hung windows are one of the earliest types of window that’s still available everywhere. Sure, the style has changed a bit over the years however they still have most of the same properties that the first models had. With modern developments they truly have become one of the most energy efficient of all window styles available on the market.

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