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Bow Windows

Bow Replacement Windows

A Bow Window or compass window is a curved bay window. Bow windows are designed to create space by projecting past the exterior wall of a building, and to present a broader view of the garden or street outside and mostly combine four or more casement windows, which join together to form an arch.

A bow window generally has three or more panels that are fitted together at angles. This permits light to enter from each individual angle and reflect off each other. The room looks more open, brighter, and significantly more welcoming.

A bow window’s structure is bent, having a rounded appearance to the outside of your house. (These bow windows are typically known as a “four-lite bow” or a “five-lite bow.”) The semi-circular outer construction of the bow window is perfect for practically any architecture that smacks of the Victorian. Of course, either type are totally okay for almost any style for your home.

Bow windows frequently permit more light to come into the room since they have more glass panes.

Bow windows may be wrapped all over the corner of a house, forming a unique turret contour on the exterior and an enticing look on the inside.

Bow windows are an extremely popular choice for a lot of reasons.

First, they enhance the appearance of a room. This kind of window was created to protrude from the outer wall of the building. By doing so, it will provide the illusion that the interior room will appear bigger. While there’s a little extra space owing to the protruding section, it stunts the eye into seeing the whole wall as far away than it really is. This little bit of additional space for sitting or storage can actually adjust the setting of a room.

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